Low Impact AerobicsA gentle variation of an aerobics class designed to have less stress on the joints.  Suitable for those of lower fitness levels

Body Tone: A mixture of bodyweight exercises and hand held weights, for an invigorating, whole body workout.

Spinning/Group Cycling: A cardio and endurance session designed to make you sweat!  Using resistance and speed sections, we use our top-end Matrix cycles in our dedicated cycle studio to make an exhilarating, yet low impact workout.

Pilates: This mat based exercise is fantastic for improving strength, flexibility, mobility, posture, balance and coordination.  With an emphasis on core strength, our Pilates instructors will help you to consciously and purposefully isolate muscle groups by using slow, strong movements and poses, improving your strength and flexibility and working your muscles hard.  Improving the connection between movement, breathing and concentration, this is a workout that is best used alongside a cardio based workout for overall health and wellbeing.

Fitness Pilates: Incorporating many Pilates moves and other exercises, this is a dynamic class aimed at all levels, ages and abilities, helping improve strength and flexibility.

Functional HIIT: A high energy, high intensity functional movement session combining cardio, body weight exercises and various equipment including battle ropes, kettlebells, power bags and suspension straps.  A great way to strengthen all the muscle groups, tone up and burn calories.

Zumba Gold: Working out just got more fun!  An energetic, dance-based class combining choreographed Latin style dance moves with fitness exercises. This is a lower impact variation, for all ages and abilities. It may be less strain, but it’s certainly just as much fun!

Suspension Training:  An exercise that uses a wall mounted strap and your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability.  It’s a fantastic addition to compliment any training programme, and adaptable to any fitness level.  Our instructors will help you to activate and strengthen your core and develop your stamina with a routine of squats, bends, pushes and jumps, designed to challenge all of your muscle groups.

Step & Tone: An easy to follow cardio and toning workout using a step, together with body conditioning exercises to burn calories and strengthen and tone muscles in the entire body. step aerobics before, you might want to start soon because the benefits are numerous!

Total Body Conditioning: A whole body workout using a variety of equipment for a fun and motivating class.

Pump:  Feel strong, get lean, tone muscle and get into shape fast with this bar bell strength and endurance training session set to motivating music. Focusing on high repetition movements & low weight loads. this class will improve your general fitness, tone muscles, protect bones & joints from injury & leave you feeling invigorated!

Legs Bums & Tums: This class does exactly what it says on the tin! A great workout for burning calories, LBT hits all the trouble spots of the thighs, gluteal & abdominal muscles in this fab, fun class with a serious purpose. In a matter of weeks your hard work will be rewarded with improved muscle tone in these stubborn areas. Just some of the benefits of legs, bums & tums classes are Improved strength, stamina & endurance, increased energy levels, greater flexibility & mobility.

Yoga: Regular yoga practice will help transform your mind and body, ultimately helping you find inner calmness and peace. Enhance your strength, balance, flexibility and stability. Leave feeling stronger and more centred, in both body and mind.

Healthy Hearts:  This is a class aimed at customers who are looking to get mobile again after suffering a heart attack / stroke, surgery or procedure. The class is led by a fully qualified instructor and involves low impact, circuit based exercises. Before new participants join they must meet with the instructor to ensure it is suitable.

20/20: Every minute counts with 20 minutes of high energy cycling followed by 20 minutes of body weight exercises. This provides you with a high intensity blast to the heart lungs and muscles.

Kettlercise®:  This is a branded toning and weight loss system that uses BSM (Blood Shunting Method). It is designed to seriously burn fat and tone the body.  Using smaller kettlebell weights for ladies 2kg – 8kg & 4kg – 10kg for men. It consists of a set class routine that includes 37 continuous blood pumping kettlebell exercises working every major and minor muscle group. It’s a high volume, moderate intensity program.

Strong:  A HIIT class designed for participants looking to increase their intensity levels of training, maximize workout benefits and see real results from their efforts.

Combat: An intense martial arts inspired fitness workout, based on punching and kicking sequences that will leave you feeling strong, motivated and empowered.  A whole body, non-contact fitness class, great for developing your reflexes and co-ordination and releasing stress as well as giving you a great cardio and muscle strengthening work out.