The Fitness suite has a variety of equipment, our cardio equipment includes treadmills, cross trainers, rowers and stationary bikes. Our weighted machines are multi-functional meaning each machine can perform two exercises in one machine, the free weights include dumbbells up to 25kg, and the squat rack has a maximum of 95kg.

The fitness suite also includes a side room with a matted area to perform stretches and abdominal work.

Our sign up process is very quick and easy, once we have your details and payment has been made we will provide a full induction. After the induction our instructors can create an optional personalised programme whether that’s to lose weight and tone, build muscle or achieving a 5k run. We will continue with reviews every month as part of the membership which we can update your programme with new exercises to further your progression. No matter what, we will help you towards your goals.

Our fitness team consists of fitness instructors and personal trainers. Our personal trainers can provide you with private one on one training if you feel that you need to take your training above and beyond. This can be organised personally with your preferred trainer.