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SMLC Membership

Platinum Memberships include
• Fitness Suite
• All exercise classes

Gold Memberships include
• Fitness Suite

Silver Exercise Memberships include
• Exercise classes only

Silver Racquet Memberships include
• Racquet sports only

Junior 12 -15 YRS Memberships include
• Fitness Suite access only

Whitestone Student memberships include
• Fitness Suite access Monday to Friday 3-5pm

Concessionary Memberships
Concessionary rates are available for Seniors 60+, NHS staff, any individuals in receipt of Working Tax Credits, Disability Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance, and Incapacity Benefits.

Proof of Concessionary Status – Required Identification

  • Over 65
  • Bus Pass


    Birth Certificate

  • Student
  • Student ID dated for current year, where possible. (We understand Whistone students may not have this.)

    University/College letter head confirming your student status as full time

  • Low Income
  • Carers allowance benefit book

    NHS exemption certificate

    Job seekers allowance book

    Council tax letter, benefit book

    Housing benefit letter

    Working tax credit letter

    Disability living allowance book

    Incapacity benefit letter (higher rate)

    Employment support allowance letter

    Income support confirmation

  • Pension Credits
  • Pension Credits letter/documentation confirming eligibility


    Picture card Driving Licence

Cancellation & Refund Policy


The member has the right to cancel the membership agreement by sending or taking a written notice of cancellation to the reception. The member has 14 days starting with the day after he/she signs the contract. Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre in this instance, shall refund in full all monies received in connection with the membership to be cancelled. In no other circumstances will fees be refunded.

Cancellation Terms and conditions (reviewed and updated 17/06/2022)

  1. Membership applicants must complete a membership application form, and if applicable a Direct Debit mandate form.
  2. If purchasing an annual membership, you are committing to said membership for a period of 12 months. Should you wish to cancel your membership part way through the agreed term, no refunds will be given.
  3. Memberships are strictly non-transferrable between users.
  4. We recognise that many people’s circumstances change. In such an event, should you wish to cancel your direct debit membership we ask that you notify, in writing, the leisure centre by completing a cancellation form. This needs to be done before the 20th of the month in order to be effective from the 1st of the following month. Your membership will therefore continue until the end of that month. Example: Cancel between 1st and 20th July, last payment was 1st July, membership will expire on 31st July. We do not provide a refund for part months as this is your notice period.
  5. Where notification is not received by the 20th of the month, we reserve the right to collect the following month’s payment and notice of your cancellation will be deemed to have been given in the following month. Your membership will therefore continue for a further month. Example: Cancel between 21st and 31st July, last payment will be 1st August, membership will expire on 30th August.
  6. If you wish to re-start your membership with us, you will be required to pay the pro rata payment when joining.
  7. Suspension of membership – memberships may be suspended for a minimum of 1 calendar month and a maximum of 6 calendar months in any 12-month period. Membership suspensions are at the discretion of the manager of SMLC.
  8. SMLC reserves the right to change our membership fees, as they are reviewed annually and may give 14 days’ notice prior to making any changes.
  9. SMLC promise to keep any personal data that you may provide in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Block Bookings

The hirer must give a minimum of 14 days notice to cancel any one off or short term booking (less than 10 consecutive weeks) and 28 days notice for any long term regular bookings (10 weeks or more). Charges will apply to any booking not cancelled within this period unless the facility can be re-let. Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre will waive any charges due where the booking can be re-let.

Court Hire and Sessions (Exercise Classes)

• Bookings made can be cancelled however a minimum of 2 hours’ notice is required. Bookings made online can be cancelled online.

• Failure to “attend” or cancel a booking without giving the required notice as stated above will result in the full casual rate for the activity being payable prior to making future bookings.


The full payment made upon booking is non-refundable.

All Courses

Refunds will not be issued for missed sessions or where the participant decides they don’t want to attend any more.

Credits will only be issued, at the discretion of the Centre Manager, where the participant is unable to attend for more than 2 consecutive weeks due to illness or injury. This must be supported by a doctor’s note.

Membership Suspension Policy

Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre accepts that there may be occasions where a member may need to suspend their membership due to injury or other personal reasons and as such allows them to do so at no extra cost (conditions apply).

 Membership Suspension Terms and Conditions

• Suspensions are only available on our Platinum, Gold and Silver memberships

• We require a full calendar months’ notice in advance of the suspension period

• Memberships can only be suspended for full calendar months (i.e 1st – 31st) and must have a start and end date

• Suspensions can only be submitted using our membership amendment form. Please ask our staff at the leisure centre reception. We will not accept requests by any other means

• Suspension period cannot exceed 6 months in a 12 month period

• Only one suspension period is permitted per membership per annum without charge. A £10 administration fee will be charged per suspension for any subsequent requests

• Members will need to notify us via our enquiries email (info@sheptonmalletleisure.uk) quoting their full name and membership number if they wish to either

– reinstate their membership prior to the advised return date. A payment may be required to cover the period of usage between return date and the next direct debit collection

– extend the suspension period. A full calendar months’ notice is required

Membership Cancellation Form

If you wish to cancel your membership please ask staff at the Leisure centre for a cancellation form.

Please see terms and conditions in above sections.